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Geek Trivia
Geek Trivia

Quirky App Of The Day: Dive Into The World Of Geek Trivia

June 26, 2013

Geek Trivia (Free) by Hernesto Serrano is a trivia game that revolves around the basic “fandoms” that geeks tend to flock to. When I was a kid in high school, I was always branded as a nerd because I took the higher-level classes and was socially awkward. I read classical literature for fun, and I competed in public speaking. Yes, you can go to competitions for public speaking.

However, I still lived a very sheltered life thanks to my technophobic parents. Once I left for college, this new world opened up to me. I was introduced to “South Park,” “Family Guy,” and “Doctor Who.” My head was spinning. I started running around like a kid in a candy store, trying a little bit of everything to discover what I truly love.

When I had the opportunity to test out an app dedicated to anything geeky, I jumped at it. I thought that I was prepared to handle whatever this app could throw at me. I learned that there is a list of at least a dozen movies and TV series that I need to see. Even the “Star Wars” questions, and movies that we watched on TV every Thanksgiving, were over my head.

The app is simple. You answer a question, and the app tells you whether it was right or wrong. If you’re right, you earn points. The app keeps track of how many questions you answered correctly and the points you’ve earned.

There are three different levels of difficulty, so even someone like me who samples a little bit of everything can enjoy the app. If you’re hardcore and have dedicated your life to learning everything about anything within the realm of geekiness, not only do I tip my hat to you, but there’s a hard level built just for you.

I loved that the app incorporated different categories. There were questions about movies, cartoons, TV series, music, and comic books. It offered a very broad spectrum questions. It reminded me that there are many different ways to be a geek about something. All you need is passion.

Geek Trivia is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Geek Trivia
Geek Trivia
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