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Escape From The Zombies
Escape From The Zombies

Quirky App Of The Day: Escape From The Zombies And Their Deadly Hugs

May 28, 2013

Every so often, there’s something so ridiculous about an app that it makes me take a step back and consider things in a different light. Sometimes, those questions are along the lines of, “Is this where my life decisions have taken me? Am I really sitting here trying to review this game?” Other times, my questions are more absurd. Escape From The Zombies brought out a few of these questions.

The game is simple enough. You tap on the screen to make your character move to a specific location. While avoiding the zombies, you slowly make your way to the safe zone. This safe zone is indicated by diagonal yellow lines.

The viewpoint in this game is directly overhead. All you see are the tops of heads and the zombies’ arms stretched out. This game bizarrely looks like there are these people who are desperately trying to give you a hug, and you’re insensitively running away from them. You can’t see the decomposing bodies or torn up clothing. All you see are unanswered pleas for attention.

This would be where the absurd questions started up. I started wondering why we title our games like “Escape From The Zombies.” It’s already rather apparent that we’re not in any hurry to go hug them. Well, I know of some little girls who blow kisses at them, but they’re the exception. Basically, it’s like naming a racing game, “Drive Your Car Fast,” or a shooting game, “Hit All The Bad Guys.”

Aside from making me question the need for affection in zombies and the silly titles we give to apps, the game is still worth trying. Enjoy trying to avoid the zombies and their slimy embrace while you move through the different levels.

Escape From The Zombies is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Escape From The Zombies
Escape From The Zombies
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