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Zombeo And Juliet
Zombeo And Juliet

Quirky App Of The Day: Find A Disturbing Sort Of Love In Zombeo And Juliet

May 30, 2013

Once upon a time in the city of Verona, there were two star-crossed lovers. Unfortunately, one of them was turned into a zombie by an evil witch. If there wasn’t a reason to keep the Montague and Capulet houses apart before, there certainly is one now. However, love conquers all, no matter how disgusting and decayed your boyfriend is. Zombeo And Juliet is the story of triumph and perseverance even when your lover is technically dead.

Your goal during the game is to kiss Juliet a specific number of times. The game will tell you before each level how many times you need to kiss her. To kiss her, you just have to get close to her, and a timer will start. You have to stay close to her until the timer runs out, or you’ll have to start over. This gets much more difficult when you have guards chasing you. Once you give her that final kiss, the level is over.

There are three ruby hearts that you can collect during each level. After you collect 30 of these ruby hearts, you can unlock a special surprise.

Juliet’s household hasn’t been turned into zombies. She has bodyguards that will protect her during the level. You don’t have any weapons. The only way to complete the level is to outrun the guards and keep moving. Once the guards catch up to you, you’ll have to start the level over again

Besides the fact that it was an evil witch that turned the Montague household into zombies instead of a disease, I still enjoyed the game. It’s not every day that you get to play a zombie love story game. I’m just going to try really hard not to imagine what sort of residue those kisses would leave behind.

Zombeo And Juliet is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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