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Dark Doors Escape
Dark Doors Escape

Quirky App Of The Day: Find The Elusive Key In Dark Doors Escape

February 1, 2013

Have you ever gone to open a door, and it’s stuck? Remember that tightness in your chest and that flash of panic while you fumbled with the lock or knob to make that door open? For those few brief seconds, you were truly afraid that you wouldn’t be able to open that door, and everything in you was screaming to get out. Dark Doors Escape is nothing but 30 stuck doors of desperation and urgency.

Sure, you eventually got the door unstuck. There probably aren’t too many people casually browsing the Internet while their only exit is stubbornly holding them captive. However, that panic isn’t easily forgotten. Imagine being stuck in 30 different rooms, and your problem solving skills are all that stand between you and freedom. I’m pretty sure I would starve to death before I figured out some of these puzzles, but there would be plenty of other people who would get out just fine. I think.

In Dark Doors Escape, you have to use a variety of gestures to pick up objects, open doors, or shake things loose. Some of these gestures use one finger, and other use two fingers. If you’re tapping on something to pick it up, you’re going to use one-finger gestures. If you need to open something up, you’ll use two-finger gestures. Sometimes, a little question mark will pop up in the upper left corner when you have to use a specific gesture that you’ve never utilized before.

In order to exit each room, you have to find the key. Sometimes, the key is given to you after you solve a puzzle. Other times, the key is the object that you’re looking for. Regardless of how you get it, you need a key to get out of the room.

I love how challenging this app is. There are a few levels in the beginning that are pretty obvious because you’re just beginning to learn how to play. Once you get above the fifth level, the puzzles start to get devilishly difficult. Considering that this app is free and universal, it’s a must-have for anyone who enjoys room escape games.

Dark Doors Escape is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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