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FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie
FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie

Quirky App Of The Day: FreeZom With Junk You Found In The Street

July 6, 2013

FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie (Free) by WERED SOFT is an action game where the good guy is a zombie. Let’s face it. Zombies have it pretty bad here on Earth. You get infected with a strange disease and acquire some strange eating habits, and suddenly, everyone wants to put a bullet through your head. They’ll even “double-tap” you just to make sure you’re dead. Well, this zombie has had enough of our prejudice, and he’s decided to fly to Planet Z. The problem is that he only has random junk he found in the street to build his rocket.

Now, I make no claims to having any expertise in the realm of space and aeronautics, but I’m 90 percent sure that a cardboard box is not proper flying equipment. It’s what you have to start with, though. As you play the game, you collect coins, and you can upgrade your equipment to things more suitable for space travel.

You can also upgrade different abilities. There are categories like fuel efficiency, engine power, and reduced air drag. Each of these categories can be maxed out with five or 10 upgrades, depending on which upgrade you’re paying for. For example, air resistance can be upgraded to level five, while fuel efficiency can be increased to level 10.

If you would like to buy more coins to help you upgrade faster, there are three in-app purchases available. You can buy 10,000 coins for $0.99, 23,000 for $1.99, and 60,000 coins for $4.99. These coin purchases will actually buy quite a few upgrades.

As an important side note, the App Store advertises that this app is available for free just for today. The problem is that I downloaded this app for free three days ago. So, I have no idea when the app cost might change.

I loved this game. I actually played it for several days before writing about it. I can say with certainty that it’s addictive and entertaining. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a great zombie action game.

FreeZom is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie
FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie

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