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Quirky App Of The Day: iPushover Converts From Computer And Console To iDevice

February 24, 2014

iPushover ($1.99) by Keith Watterson is a puzzle app that features a cute little ant who needs to knock down all the dominoes in order to unlock the exit door. He’ll have to move them around to make sure that all of the dominoes fall before the trigger piece. With 99 levels spread across nine worlds, there’s a lot of fun packed into this app.

The main goal of this game is to push the dominoes only one time, and they will, hopefully, all fall over before hitting the trigger piece. The trigger piece is yellow and covered with red horizontal stripes. When this piece falls, you can exit the level. If some of the dominoes don’t fall, or if they fall after the trigger piece does, then you have to start the level over.

You’ll need to pick up the dominoes and rearrange some of them so that they all will fall. To pick up a piece, you walk up to it and push the button on the right. Then, you can use the directional buttons to move the piece where you need it to be. You can still climb ladders and jump down from platforms while carrying a piece.

The only pieces that you can’t move are the solid red stopper pieces and the trigger. All other blocks, even the specialty blocks, can be moved. As the help guide mentions, you often have a large quantity of blocks on the screen, but you only need to move a few to clear the level.

Once you push the dominoes, you can start to head for the exit. You can outrun the falling dominoes. This comes in handy with some exits, and you sometimes will need to move a block before the falling pieces touch it.

What happens if you just can’t figure it out? If you hit the question mark in the upper left corner and scroll through the help advice, you’ll see a video for how to beat the level once you close out of the help menu. You can also find a guide, in this menu, to all of the specialty blocks.

This is a clever puzzle app. I don’t think I’ve reviewed a game quite like this. The retro graphics and music are awesome, the puzzles are challenging, and there are plenty of levels to keep you busy. This game is definitely worth the price.

The iPushover app is made for the iPhone, and it’s available in the App Store for $1.99.

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