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Killing Time Classic
Killing Time Classic

Quirky App Of The Day: Killing Time Classic Is A Great Way To Waste Some Time

January 9, 2013

Killing Time Classic (Free) by Candie Myles is a first person shooter game. You are a cold-blooded assassin with a mission to kill as many of your opponents as possible in a set amount of time. Since your skill is legendary, you are only capable of killing your opponents with a direct head-shot. You also happen to be a stick figure.

You begin the game shooting from a rooftop at stick figures in other buildings. Since these other stick figures are behind glass, you’ll have to shoot out the window first to kill the person behind it. Your opponents will also run out onto rooftops as well to shoot at you.

Each kill you make is worth money. That money is converted into points. As you gain points in the game, you can unlock new locations to stage your shootouts. I guess that even assassins want a little variety in life. You can use a factory or offices. Heck, you can even take your shootouts to the streets for the masses to see.

Your points aren’t just for gameplay locations. You can also use them to upgrade your weapon. You begin your game with a Desert Eagle, but you can eventually use guns like an Uzi or Barrett. I actually had to look up what a Barrett gun looks like to make sure that it was real. It is real, folks. It’s very real. It also looks amazing and beautiful. To any men out there with the name Barrett (I know a guy who has that name), wear your name proudly.

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