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Quirky App Of The Day: Let Your Plans And Schemes 'Sink' In

May 10, 2013

Sink ($0.99) by Adrian Johnston is a unique strategy game. The beautiful graphics have a liquid theme when you touch the screen. The user interface is set up like a video that you’re making as you play the level. This is one game that you’ve got to experience to truly appreciate the graphics and interface. Pictures and descriptions just don’t do it justice.

You begin each round with different colored balls scattered around the screen. Each color has a corresponding hole that the balls have to make it to. In the middle of each hole is a number. This number is how many balls you have to guide to the right hole.

At the lower left corner, there are a series of buttons. There’s a stop, rewind, fast forward, and play button. There’s also a gauge that acts as a timer.

To begin the level, draw lines to prevent your balls from going into the wrong hole. As soon as you start drawing lines, the gauge will begin to count down. Once the gauge runs out, the balls will begin to move towards the nearest hole.

If you’re ready to get the balls rolling before the gauge runs out, you can tap the fast forward button. If you get stuck on a particular level, you can tap the rewind button. This button will let you restart the level and ask you if you want a hint.

When you’re ready to go to the main menu, just tap the stop button. From there, you can change the difficulty level, see the last level you played, and select which level you want to play. There are 36 levels in the game.

You don’t necessarily have to play through every level in order to reach the next one. Most games will only unlock the next level once you’ve beaten the previous one. In Sink, you can just use the arrows in the main menu to select whichever level you want to play, regardless of whether you’ve beaten the previous one or not.

Sink has some beautiful liquid graphics. Whenever you touch the screen, the tap sends ripples along it. The gameplay is challenging and stimulating. You don’t have to worry about this game sitting around unused in your device if you get stuck. You can always move on to the next level and come back to any that gave you problems.

Sink is an iPad app, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.

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