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Muffin Munch
Muffin Munch

Quirky App Of The Day: Match The Fluffy Muffins In Muffin Munch

December 21, 2012

Muffin Munch (Free) by Tiny Touch Tales is a food game filled with fluffy muffins that splat. The muffins are alone and must be paired up to bring them happiness. Once the muffins have been paired up with at least four little muffins, they splatter all over the oven. I’m going to pretend that they are so overcome by joy that they simply explode with it.

The muffins have to be matched with other muffins of the same kind. If you take four little muffins and keep adding them to each other, you’ll make the huge muffin splatter. However, you can do other combinations as well. You can add two muffins together to make a medium muffin. You can then add two medium muffins together to make a huge muffin. Then, add two huge muffins together to make the muffins explode. This method takes eight muffins to create. Why mention this lengthy process when I could use just four little muffins? You get more points that way. Since it takes more muffins, it makes sense that you would get more points.

Part of the game has a puzzle aspect to it. You only get a certain amount of each muffin type. You have to pair them up enough times to level up. You only get additional muffins when you level up. Being left with no muffins and no ability to level up is how you lose the game. The game seems easier than it is. You have to plan before you start randomly matching things up.

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