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Pota-Toss World Tour HD: a Fun Location Based Adventure
Pota-Toss World Tour HD: a Fun Location Based Adventure

Quirky App Of The Day: Pass The Potatoes In Pota-Toss World Tour

March 20, 2013

Pota-Toss World Tour HD: a Fun Location Based Adventure (Free) by Sabor Studio Ltd is a launcher game that lets you play with your food in a whole new way. I’ve heard of people who don’t like to eat potatoes because of the texture. For all those readers who can’t stand potatoes, this is your game. Launch Larry the potato and his friends at the evil spuds to save the world.

The directions are simple. All you have to do is swipe in the direction of the evil spuds to fling a potato at them. Some potatoes have special abilities. One of them embeds itself in the ground and becomes a potato plant that swats at oncoming spuds. Other potatoes will roll and squish the first spud it comes in contact with.

I found it difficult to aim in this game. Many launcher apps like Angry Birds have you pull back, take aim, and then release your projectile. In Pota-Toss World Tour, you fling your potato by swiping. This makes it harder to make minor adjustments to your aim. To make matters more complicated, the evil spuds are rolling towards you instead of standing still. This definitely make the game more challenging than other launcher games.

Now, I’m aware that the word “spuds” is another name for potatoes. This makes me question exactly why the potatoes are at war against their own kind. Is it a matter of world domination? Are the evil spuds attempting to coerce the other potatoes into being villains as well? There’s really no backstory to this game, so feel free to make up your own.

I thought this was a great game. The idea is creative and different. Even though the swiping made it difficult to aim, the game was still fun and entertaining. The graphics are beautiful, and the different types of potatoes keeps things interesting.

Pota-Toss World Tour has separate iPhone and iPad versions. Both are temporarily free in the App Store.

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