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Mr Ludo
Mr Ludo

Quirky App Of The Day: Play To Get Out Of The Office In Mr Ludo

October 16, 2013

Mr Ludo (Free) by YoAmbulante is a board game that works much like Sorry or Trouble. It’s the end of the day, and you are desperate to go home. Your boss and coworkers, however, are sadistic jerks who want to make you suffer. You have to play a game before you can leave. I’m betting that with enough time, there will be blood involved.

To leave the office, you have to roll a six to get onto the board. You have four players, and all of them need to circle the board and reach their base before you can win the game. When you win, you unlock new playing modes and locations.

If you land on the same space as an opponent, they are sent back to their cubicle. They now have to wait for a six to be rolled so they can get back onto the board. However, if an opponent lands on your space, you have to leave the board as well.

Scattered around the board are spaces that have question marks on them. These spaces give you beans. If you win the game, these beans will go towards your account.

You use this bean account to pay to play the game. Each mode or board has a different bean price associated with it. Winning games will replenish your bean supply. If you run out of beans, you’ll have to watch advertisements or buy them. You can buy a bundle of 5,000 beans for $1.99.

The rules for the game are simple enough. You need to beat your opponents by making it around the board before they do. The game, however, is more challenging than that. Since you can be sent back to the start at any moment due to an opponent’s lucky roll, you have to plan which player you need to move.

I love digitized board games. I hate keeping track of all the little pieces and the dice. This is a great game that will keep you entertained for hours. The gameplay is a little long, so this is an app that you can invest a lot of time in.

Mr Ludo is temporarily free due to Boss’s Day. It’s a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store. 

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