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Guess The Horror Movie
Guess The Horror Movie

Quirky App Of The Day: Put Your Fear To The Test In Guess The Horror Movie

October 24, 2013

Guess The Horror Movie (Free) by Robert Kuh is a fun trivia game that will leave you scratching your head. I have a lot of friends who love horror movies. Personally, I can’t hear a semi-decent ghost story without having nightmares, so I needed a lot of help with this game. Those that know their scary flicks should be able to breeze right through the early levels. While everyone else is playing this game, I’m going to go find an app about guessing the cuddly animal.

When you start the game, there’s a grid on the top part of the screen and letters on the bottom. You click on the grid squares to clear away some of them. Behind the grid is a picture that resembles the artwork on the movie cover. There are 16 squares, but you’re only allowed to clear six for free. You can use coins to reveal two additional squares, but I didn’t think that it was worth it.

Down at the bottom, there’s a letter bank for you to choose from. You use these letters to spell out the title of the movie. If you get all the letters right, the squares will fall, and you can see the complete movie picture.

If you choose the wrong tile, the app won’t tell you until all the spaces are filled in. You have no way of knowing which letter was wrong. You can, however, use your coins to reveal a correct letter. This gets expensive pretty fast.

There are in-app purchases available. You can buy different coin packages that range from 200 for $0.99 to 3,500 for $6.99. Making any purchase will also disable the ads.

The ads aren’t bad at all. They only pop up every so often in between levels. You close the ad and move on. Sometimes, advertisements can border on harassment, but these were out of the way.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies, I still knew enough of these to have fun. I also loved the artwork. They’re all done in a minimalist style, and they look beautiful. Make sure to check out the gallery for a few sneak peeks.

Guess The Horror Movie is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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