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Quirky App Of The Day: PuXXles Turns Your Messages Into Puzzles And Riddles

December 23, 2012

is a social networking app that turns your texts into puzzles and riddles. You can make your friends work to get their messages. I’ve never sent a text message and thought to myself, “How can I make this more difficult for my friend and more entertaining for myself?” I’m still explaining how a basic cellphone works to my parents. In fact, I changed my mom’s ringtones two years ago for a giggle, and she still can’t figure out how to change them back. Just asking them to use a cellphone is bad enough. For those who have more tech-savvy friends, this app might make things a little more interesting.

PuXXles is a social networking app. This would mean that you require friends in order to make it work. I know that we’re all turning into xenophobes as a society, but you’re going to have to give your email address and create a password to sign in. Take a few deep breaths. It’ll be all right. After you sign in, it’ll all feel much better.

After you’ve cleared the hurdle of signing in, you can choose whether to send a puzzle text or a riddle. Puzzle texts are for sending pictures to your friends. You know all of those pictures of your food that you take? You can make your friends piece that picture together bit by bit until they see your glorious Grand Slam from Denny’s. You can also attach a message that your friend can read once they’ve finished putting the puzzle together.

The riddle texts are for more secure text messages between friends. You can set up a question for your friend to answer before they can receive the message. You can also see how many times they got the answer wrong and what their answers were.

Do you want to just relax and put together some fun little puzzles on your phone? You can check out the gallery. Now, before you go to your optometrist, those pictures are, indeed, blurry. You have to put them together before you can see what they are. Think of it as a puzzle adventure. Once you’ve finished assembling the picture, you can download it to your gallery.

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Nikita Spitsyn

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