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Sewerage Rebellion
Sewerage Rebellion

Quirky App Of The Day: Raw Waste Is Your Friend In Sewerage Rebellion

July 9, 2013

Once upon a time, in the middle of nowhere on the east coast, there was a young girl who lived on a freshwater island in the middle of a large river. Periodically, this island would flood, and she would have to relocate to higher ground with her family. While it was fun to be out of school until everything was cleaned up, she learned how horrible it could be to handle raw sewage and flood water. It was gross.

Years later, when she played Sewerage Rebellion, she was reminded of all the disgusting fish that had come from the river. Suddenly, the possibility that these creatures were trying to take over the world didn’t seem so far fetched.

Unlike the creatures in this story, the monsters in the app aren’t going to wait until a flood hits. That could take years. These monsters are going to take advantage of the sewer lines that are beneath the homes and roads that the humans have built. By turning the sewer valves at the right moment, sludge will cover the squares and allow monsters to occupy them.

The puzzle aspect of the game comes in knowing when to tap on which valve. The rush of sewage will stop if a monster is already occupying that square. There’s a picture to illustrate what happens when you don’t tap on the valves at the right time. To win the level, you have to cover all the squares with monsters. Basically, timing and order are everything in this game.

There are 30 levels for you to play. Each level is timed. There’s a gauge in the upper right corner with three stars on it. As the gauge decreases, you earn fewer stars when you finish the level. Unlike other games that use stars to unlock new levels, these stars seem to be purely for ornamental purposes. They just make you feel good about your progress.

If you want a puzzle game that combines quick thinking with fast reflexes, this is a great game for you. If you’ve been traumatized by cleaning up flood sludge, you might want to pass.

Sewerage Rebellion offers a standard version for free and an HD version for $1.99. Both of these versions are universal and available in the App Store.

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