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Resident Zombie Cat - Plague Apocalypse Cat
Resident Zombie Cat - Plague Apocalypse Cat

Quirky App Of The Day: Resident Zombie Cat Evolves Into Monstrosities

November 23, 2013

Resident Zombie Cat - Plague Apocalypse Cat (Free) by Jude Madox is a game that focuses on evolving into the next form. You have picked up a stray cat and hid it in your room from your mother. At first, the cat is cute, cuddly, and incredibly helpful. She eats the rats that are in your room. Then, you realize that there’s something terribly wrong with your cat.

When she eats enough rats, the cat evolves. At first, the new evolutions seem harmless. She starts walking on two legs. She also uses her tail to skewer the rats before she eats them. As she continues to evolve, the forms resemble things from nightmares.

Although the game icon looks like a cuddly kitten, this is definitely not a game for children. Once the cat starts evolving, the rats spray blood when she eats them. She also spurts blood from her head every time she evolves.

As gruesome as the blood may be, I was impressed with the artistic design behind it. The entire room is done in varying shades of gray. The cat is black and white. The only color in the game is the red of the blood that comes from the rats and the cat during evolution. It might be gross, but it definitely is a cool effect.

There are nine evolutions that your cat can make. In the lower left corner, you can read the diary that you started when you brought the cat home. It keeps track of all the evolutions and gives a little bit of a backstory about your mom.

There are ads that run along the bottom of the screen. However, there are no in-app purchases. I accidentally tapped on the ads while trying to get rats at the bottom of the screen, but they were otherwise easily ignored.

I enjoy these evolution games. It’s not about catching the rats. It’s about seeing what form your character is going to take next. These sorts of games require a lot of patience, but I find the backstory and evolutions to be satisfying.

Resident Zombie Cat is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Resident Zombie Cat - Plague Apocalypse Cat
Resident Zombie Cat - Plague Apocalypse Cat
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