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Santa Rockstar
Santa Rockstar

Quirky App Of The Day: Santa Rockstar Livens Up Your Christmas Carols With Electric Guitars

December 16, 2012

Santa Rockstar ($0.99) by Clarin Global S.A. is a musical rhythm game of matching the colored notes to the appropriate keys at the right time. It’s like the console game Guitar Hero by Harmonix, Neversoft, and Vicarious Visions.  Colorful notes come down the guitar neck at you. You have to tap the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen to play the notes.

You are driving down the road, rocking out to your awesome music, and you almost hit Rudolph. Yes, the famous reindeer is laying in the road after a horrible accident. Luckily, his nose almost blinded you, and you stopped the car to investigate.

There are presents everywhere, and Santa is badly injured. You think back to your favorite Christmas present: Your beloved guitar from years ago comes to mind instantly. There’s no way you can let the kids of the world down. You hook up your guitar and amps to Santa, and through the power of rock and roll, you transform into Santa Rockstar.

Using your iDevice, you play your way through all the best Christmas carols while Santa rocks on his guitar. His reindeer are backing him up on the drums and bass as the sleigh rushes down the street. You’re going to save Christmas with music.

Each level is rated with stars according to how many notes you hit. A higher percentage of accurate notes will give you a higher star score. The big star in the middle is reserved for a perfect score.

There are notes with silver bars through them. These notes give you special powers that increases your scores. Tilt the iDevice quickly to activate this rock power.

You earn coins for every song that you play. These coins can unlock boosts, extra characters, and new guitars. In addition to Santa, you can play as Genny the gingerbread man, Rudolph, and Santa Jaws.

Although you earn a generous amount of coins through normal gameplay, you can purchase additional coins through in-app purchases.

Santa Rockstar is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $0.99.

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