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Hidden Land HD
Hidden Land HD

Quirky App Of The Day: Search For Treasures And Artifacts In Hidden Land

February 21, 2013

Hidden Land HD (Free) by Game Insight, LLC is a hidden object game that takes place in both modern and ancient times. You travel to a remote island that has just been discovered. There are ruins to explore everywhere. By accident, you go through a portal to the ancient days when these ruins were a bustling city.

You are immediately greeted by a priestess who has been awaiting your arrival. It seems that this ancient civilization knew that you would be coming. Her descendent just happens to be your assistant in present times. Convenient, right? Together they give you missions to complete as you begin your quest to discover the buildings on this island.

This hidden object game is unique in how it handles the locations that you search. If you visit the temple in modern times, the portal is cracked, and there is debris everywhere. If you visit the same temple in ancient times, the temple is completely functional and clean.

The objects that you hunt for are also affected by which era you are in when you visit. In modern times, you could be looking for flashlights and hard hats. However, in ancient times, you could be looking for vials and butterflies.

There are also different kinds of people that you interact with in the game. In modern times, you have skeletons and grave robbers that you need to vanquish with specific items. In ancient times, you have traders and scouts that you need to deal with. Each of these different people give you gold and experience for interacting with them.

I love hidden object games. I also think that the different eras is a great idea. To make things even better, Hidden Land is available for free for a short time. Be sure to grab it from the App Store for this great price while you still can.

Hidden Land is an iPad app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Hidden Land HD
Hidden Land HD
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