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ApocaMonster: Zombies and Demons
ApocaMonster: Zombies and Demons

Quirky App Of The Day: Send Zombies Back To Their Graves In ApocaMonster

April 24, 2013

ApocaMonster: Zombies and Demons (Free) by Jordi Rico Mora is a shooting game that requires you to blast away hordes of zombies that are coming back from the dead to end humanity. You’re a lone gunman who is the only one who could stop their evil plans of infecting every last human. Try to keep up with the growing hordes as you work through each level.

Like many other zombie games, you have a set number of zombies that you need to eliminate in order to clear the level. What sets this game apart from others is the sheer number of zombies that you need to beat. By level five, I was trying to wipe out over 70 zombies.

The challenge behind the game is to eliminate the zombies before they reach the end of the screen. Much like the game Plants Vs. Zombies, the zombies start at one side of the screen and move towards the other side. They even come up out of the ground in the middle of the screen just to make things a little more difficult.

Armed with a rifle in the beginning of the game, you take down the zombies one at a time. There’s a gauge that refills after each shot before you can fire again. This prevents any sort of rapid fire ability. You can upgrade your weapon in the armory or buy a new one. Some weapons, like the shotgun, allow multiple shots before reloading.

There are other obstacles in the game to overcome that make it more interesting to play. The gravestones in the game will block your bullets. So, you’ll need to wait until the zombies walk out from behind them before you can kill them. Some levels have a darkened screen, and you can only see a small area at a time by using a flashlight.

This was a great game to play. It was definitely challenging and entertaining. There are 80 levels to play through and plenty of weapon upgrades to work for. You could play this game for hours.

ApocaMonster is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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