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Zombie Golf!!
Zombie Golf!!

Quirky App Of The Day: Shake A Leg In Zombie Golf

July 29, 2013

Zombie Golf!! (Free) by zeng qingxing is a mini golf game with a death and decay motif. I’ve been learning new things about zombies lately. I’ve discovered that like me and my fellow introverts, some just want to be left in peace. Regardless of what Hollywood would have you think, some zombies retain a taste for the finer foods they enjoyed in life such as cake. Zombies are deep and complex creatures.

They also want meaningful recreation. Although they seem content to shamble around in groups like in the TV series “The Walking Dead,” this obviously doesn’t require much stimulation. Zombies want a sport that provides a little more substance, but without the impact. I can’t imagine that a zombie football league or wrestling team would go over well.

Mini golf is the ultimate zombie sport. It requires no muscle tone to putt the ball down the course. The various obstacles don’t require much strategy, and anyone could use a leg with a foot attached to it in lieu of a golf club.

There are 18 holes that you can play through. Unfortunately, I’m a horrible golfer. Mini golf is no exception. I can’t tell if some of the courses are ridiculously difficult or if I’m just completely inept. You’ll have to download the game and judge for yourself if the game is too hard.

At the start of each course, you can choose one of three positions to putt your ball from. These positions are on a black square at the beginning of the course. Once you choose which position you want, you place your finger on the skeleton leg and drag it back to increase the power of your swing. Use the arrow to aim, and release your finger to putt the ball.

The app keeps track of how many strokes you took to complete each course. You can see the scorecard when you’re done playing through a course. If you’re playing with friends, their scores will show up as well. You can have up to four players.

I loved the tombstone decorations throughout the courses. Each one has a funny name like Arty D. Caying or Les Living. They’re hilarious. If you enjoy sport apps, this darker version of mini golf might be something you would enjoy testing. There are moving obstacles that you have to get your ball around, there are course designs that require careful aim, and the decorations are entertaining.

Zombie Golf is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Zombie Golf!!
Zombie Golf!!
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