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Detective Grimoire
Detective Grimoire

Quirky App Of The Day: Solve The Case Of Boggy Bog With Detective Grimoire

January 6, 2014

Detective Grimoire ($3.99) by Armor Games Inc is a fun puzzle app that involves the case of Boggy Bog. Mr. Remington, the owner of this tourist attraction, has been murdered. The prime suspect is Boggy the bog creature. Yes, it’s an unimaginative name, but Detective Grimoire isn’t so sure that the monster is the culprit. The game is about more than just finding the right suspect. It’s about how you collect the clues.

The clues are rarely objects that happen to be lying around. You usually have to solve a puzzle to find them. Once you have a few clues together, you have to draw conclusions about what they mean. There will be a box at the bottom of the screen with four slots. Above it are a variety of clues. You place a clue in the first and third slots. The second and fourth slots are filled with statements that tie the clues together. It’s my favorite part of the app.

You also interrogate suspects. As you gain more information, there are additional questions that you can ask. You can also challenge them with incriminating information that you find.

When you learn about this information, the challenge option becomes unlocked. You tap on “start challenge,” and then you use your detective skills to combine information you’ve gathered in an effort to guess motives and outcomes. When you guess the correct motive or action, you’ll hear a little chime. When you get the answer wrong, Detective Grimoire will mention his doubt about that option. You’ll have to start the challenge over again.

There are also many mini puzzles like unlocking doors with special keys, cogs, and sliding chains. You have to use a chemistry set to determine what ingredients were used in a substance, and you have to listen to snippets of the background noise of a film in the right order to hear the murder.

Detective Grimoire is a witty and entertaining character to play. His questions range from inquisitive to snarky. He’s one of the more dynamic characters that I’ve played, and I thoroughly enjoyed his antics during the game.

This mystery game offers hours of gameplay while you figure out the truth behind the murder of Mr. Remington. Even without getting stuck, it’s a lengthy and involved game. Those who want a mystery app that they can invest some time in should investigate it.

Detective Grimoire is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for $3.99

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