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Mystery Of Mirror Of Death- Free
Mystery Of Mirror Of Death- Free

Quirky App Of The Day: Solve The Mystery Of Mirror Of Death

February 18, 2014

Mystery Of Mirror Of Death- Free (Free) by Sheeraz Ahmad is a puzzle game that is rather challenging. In this app, you are a detective named John, and you’re looking for the famous author, J. T. Thompson. His disappearance is not only curious, but it borders on the supernatural.

Thompson came to possess a mirror which he believed gave him wealth and success. He hung it in his study, and now you, as the detective, believe that the mirror and the disappearance are linked. All of the backstory is available when the app first opens.

This puzzle game involves solving riddles and locating items. The set-up closely resembles a room escape game, but this time you’re trying to find your way into different rooms of the house, rather than attempting to get out of them.

I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say that the puzzles are tough. Just when you think you have the right item, you’re told that it won’t work in that situation. You need something else. That was infuriating.

There were also some puzzles that looked so strange that I believed I had no clue about how to solve them. However, I was usually overlooking something. Either that, or I was overthinking what was right in front of my face.

Usually, I give a rating of easy, intermediate, or expert to room escape games so that people know what they’re getting into. I think that this rating also applies to this puzzle app because of how similar the setup is. I would definitely call this game a solid intermediate game. This game is for people who are very confident in their skills. There are no hints, and I couldn’t find a walk-through. You are on your own.

There are minimal advertisements in this game. The main menu has an option to check out more games, but I didn’t notice any other ads. There are also no in-app purchases.

If you want a puzzle app that will certainly test your skills and your patience, this is the app for you. It will not disappoint you. Usually, if a puzzle or strategy game makes me want to throw my iDevice out the nearest window, out of frustration, it’s probably a great app.

Mystery Of Mirror Of Death is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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Mystery Of Mirror Of Death- Free
Mystery Of Mirror Of Death- Free
Sheeraz Ahmad

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