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Teenage Medusa
Teenage Medusa

Quirky App Of The Day: Teenage Medusa Has Some Angst To Work Through

April 22, 2013

Teenage Medusa (Free) by Vancouver Film School is an action game that features one of Greek mythology’s most well-known villains: Medusa. We all know about her, even if we don’t know her story. People who have never heard the myth of Perseus can tell you that Medusa is a woman who has snakes for hair and can turn people into stone. Well, in this story, you get to be Medusa as she battles against her greatest enemy. No, it’s not Perseus. It’s high school.

In this bizarre mix of ancient mythology and modern educational systems, Medusa is forced to go to school with other mythological creatures. Predictably, she hates it. In fact, she despises going to school so much that she’ll tear the building apart in order to make everyone around her just as miserable.

As Medusa moves through each level, you can use the snakes to grab onto objects and throw them. You can also use items as a shield to protect you from the cheerleader harpies.

These winged enemies drop blue orbs down on Medusa as she walks by. Just grab a locker door and trash can to take them down with. You can even grab the orbs out of the air and launch them back at the cheerleaders.

Another one of Medusa’s enemies is the cyclops janitor. Many people will remember the cyclops from “The Odyssey.” He’s not horribly fond of Medusa. He throws chairs at her and chases her down the halls.

One thing that I loved about this game was all of the mythological references. The high school team is The Pegasus. When you walk through the class rooms, there’s a drawing on the chalkboards of stick people pushing others into a hole with the words, “This is Sparta,” written above. Zeus is the principal, and Poseidon teaches marine biology. These are just a few examples of the mythology references.

Teenage Medusa is an iPad app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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