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Pig Alliance
Pig Alliance

Quirky App Of The Day: The Legion Of Piggy Heroes Saves The Day In Pig Alliance

February 6, 2013

Pig Alliance (Free) by SY Creative is an action flying game. You’re an adorable pig whose girlfriend has been stolen away by the big bad pig boss. To win her back, you’ll need to push yourself by flying as far as you can to save her. Along the way, there are five other superhero pig forms that you can morph into to help you on your journey.

I’m going to ruin the suspense a little. It’s an endless runner type of game, so you never actually save your girlfriend. That’s a bummer, right? However, it’s still a fun game to play. The other superhero characters that you can morph into alone make this game pretty cool.

There are five other characters that you can morph into. One of them is even dressed like Captain America. There’s also a cowboy, Cyclops from X-Men, a ninja, and an alien. You morph into a random character when you run into a little floating vial wrapped in a red bow.

Once you change into the new hero, you are practically indestructible for a short amount of time. Each hero has a way of clearing the path in front of you so that you can fly unharmed by the monsters. When the timer is up, you go back to being your normal flying pig self. Which isn’t all that normal, now that I think about it.


I loved the fact that in this game, you don’t gain super abilities and extra skills. You become a completely different hero for a little while. It’s a great idea, and it made the gameplay more interesting. You’re always curious about what hero you’re going to turn into next.

Pig Alliance is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!


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Pig Alliance
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