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Ape Escape Dodgeball
Ape Escape Dodgeball

Quirky App Of The Day: Think On Your Feet In Ape Escape Dodgeball

March 30, 2013

Gary is a zookeeper who hates his job. He takes no pleasure in caring for animals and he’s going to pay for it. The apes have become aware of how little Gary cares for them. They have plotted revenge by assaulting him with dodgeballs. Ape Escape Dodgeball is about helping Gary to last as long as possible until the police can come and get those apes under control.

To move Gary around the screen, simply hold your finger on him and move it wherever you want him to go. Dodgeballs will fly across the screen, and Gary needs to avoid them. The monkeys are careless though. In their rage to throw anything that they can get their grubby hands on they’ve lobbed bananas at Gary as well. What a waste. Gary can collect these bananas.

These bananas are worth 500 points each. Your score is based on how many points you earn. Other than accumulating points, the bananas are pretty pointless. You can’t used them to unlock characters or buy any items.

The only other character that you can unlock is Pauly. He’s the policeman that is suppose to come and restore order. I hate to ruin the surprise, but Pauly never actually comes to save Gary. Gary is on his own until he’s knocked out by a dodgeball.

To play the game as Pauly, you can unlock him through an in-app purchase of $2.99. You can also unlock the free for all mode for $4.99. However, the game is entertaining enough without the in-app purchases.

I liked the idea of a disgruntled zookeeper who is assaulted by large rubber balls. One thing that I think would improve the app would be to add a way to earn Pauly by collecting bananas instead of needing to purchase him with real money.

Ape Escape Dodgeball is a universal app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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