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Tiny Hoarders
Tiny Hoarders

Quirky App Of The Day: Tiny Hoarders Helps You To Build A Collection

October 7, 2013

Tiny Hoarders (Free) by SparkNET Interactive is a game that involves collecting things. Well, actually, you’re up for grabbing anything that you can pick up. You’re trying to stash as many items as possible in your house. Flowers, chickens, swords, or even griffins will find a place of honor in your hoard.

When you start the game, first visit the general store. The store owner will tell you what items he’s willing to buy from you. He’ll also change the items that he wants every hour. Things that aren’t valuable now may become so later.

If you’re trying to build this huge stash of stuff, why sell anything to the store owner? Well, you’re going to need room for all of your new items. By selling some of the items that you collect, you can pay to have new rooms added onto your house.

After you’ve visited the store, you can immediately start picking up everything around you and putting it into your house. Keep checking back with the store to see if things that you previously picked up can now be sold.

Running around and picking up all this stuff expends a lot of energy. You’ll need to eat the food lying around to keep your energy bar full. You can also eat the blueberries from the bushes or the eggs that the chickens lay. There’s always plenty of food on the ground.

There’s a bear and some ogres that are trying to chase you away. If they touch you, you’ll lose health. You can get it back by letting the meter rebuild. There aren’t any health packs to speed up the process, so you’ll have to be patient.

Some items can be combined to make something new. You can make things like fishing rods or pickaxes. There’s a variety of items that you can make, and many times, you’ll find out how to make them by accident. When you carry an item up to another one, and they’re compatible, the crafting option will appear on the right side of the screen. Press the tab, and make a new item.

There are in-app purchases available. You can buy gold instead of selling items. On the left side of the screen in a house tab. Tap on it to access the store. You can buy gold packages that range from 1,000 coins for $0.99 to 17,000 for $9.99.

This little game is simple to play, but it’s addictive. You want to buy those additions to your house and see how fast you can fill them up. It’s also fun to see what you can make by combining new items together.

Tiny Hoarders is an iPhone app, and it’s available in the App Store for FREE!

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