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Rocket Warrior
Rocket Warrior

Save Humanity With The Help Of This Rocket Warrior

January 3, 2013

Rocket Warrior ($0.99) by Eleftherios Christodoulatos is a casual game that rises to the top. Control a jetpack outfitted space traveler as you explore cavernous landscapes and dodge sneaky enemies. Just watch out for falling rocks as you maneuver through tight tunnels and twisted temples.

Players control a rocket warrior whose mission is to travel back in time to destroy an enemy invasion that is set to wipe out humanity. Track the aliens through caverns, temples, and forests to stop them from bending the space-time continuum.

To maneuver, tilt your iPhone left and right. To shoot at enemies and obstacles, tap the screen. It may seem easy, but one slight graze against a wall and you’re done for.

The warrior travels upward automatically and players must tilt to the left or right in order to pick up coins, avoid fireballs, and find the special amulets. Each level has three amulets. Collect as many as possible to unlock new worlds. If you collect enough amulets, you can play new worlds before finishing the current one.

Players also pick up coins in each level. Coins can be used in the store to upgrade suits, add weapons, and unlock high-powered rockets to help win the game. Interestingly, if you don’t have enough coins, you can’t buy more through in-app purchases. You have to earn them in the game the old-fashioned way. I like that.

The levels are fairly challenging right from the start, almost too challenging. I’d love to see the ability to adjust the difficulty level so that players could have a second (or third) chance to keep going when they bump into a wall. Getting all the way to the top and accidentally scrapping the side just kills me.

This game is fun and challenging. The graphics are great and the replay value is high. You can always improve your high score and the coins you collect can be used to buy more gear. My only complaint would be that the game is a bit too hard. Not so hard that fans of arcade games shouldn’t download it, but hard enough to frustrate those of us with slower reflexes. If you like arcade games and aren’t afraid of a challenge, check out Rocket Warrior in the App Store today.

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Rocket Warrior
Rocket Warrior
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