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Iron Force
Iron Force

Show Off Your Tank Battling Skills In Iron Force

July 25, 2013

Iron Force (Free) by Chillingo Ltd is a multiplayer battle game involving tanks. This title is entirely online based, requiring an Internet connection at all times. The neat thing about Iron Force is that there are no computer-controlled tanks, meaning that all opponents have humans behind them.

There are two main game modes: “FFA” (Free For All), and “Team” mode. In FFA mode, all five opponents are your enemies, while in Team mode, opponents participate in a three-on-three battle. In either mode, you can battle with or against friends, or be introduced to random players. This is done by creating or joining “Legions.” Upon creation, a legion’s “Commander” also has the option to restrict access to those who have been granted permission to join.

When it comes to gameplay, Iron Steel has the typical on-screen thumbpad and fire button as controls. There are also a few more advanced controls, which cannot be used until certain equipment on your tank has been upgraded. The actual physics in the game seem to be pretty accurate when considering the amount of time it takes for your tank’s fuel to reload, and the speed at which the tank can move. It may seem like things are generally slow at first, which they are, but these conditions are likely in place to keep some real-world authenticity in the game.

Up to this point, there isn’t really anything to dislike about Iron Force. On the other hand, there is one major aspect of the game that most will either deal with, or completely ditch the game because of. Given its price tag, Iron Force is a freemium title. With this, comes all of the lovely in-app purchases and time restraints that are expected. Initially, the frequency of the time restraints and popups asking you to purchase more of the in-game currency was almost sickening. However, as I began to play more, I realized that many of the items offered through in-app purchase can be found within the war arenas while playing, thus reducing the need to make purchases. After this, I have spent much less time waiting. And, after all, it’s not a bad idea to make a contribution to the developer via an in-app purchase once in a while.

Although I’m not completely sold on the title, Iron Force will hang around on my iPad and iPhone for the time being. I would definitely like to spend more time with it, as well as have the opportunity to play against friends. Iron Force is a free, universal download in the App Store, so give it a try for yourself.

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Iron Force
Iron Force
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