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Solve The Puzzle And Keep Your Boxes Under Control With Xboxes

January 26, 2013

XBOXES (Free) by Abhishek Malpani is a puzzle game that will test your brainpower as well as your balancing skills.

Unlike most physics-based puzzle games, this isn’t about fancy graphics or strange animals. It’s about awkwardly shaped boxes and figuring out how to organize them into certain structures.

Each level challenges you to build a unique structure with a set of various boxes. Deciding on where to put each box is only half of the battle. Actually moving the boxes into the desired positions, then keeping your tower from collapsing, is the real challenge.

Do you have the balancing skills to keep these wild boxes under control?

Stacking boxes on top of each other might sound easy, but you’ll soon realize how difficult it is to do without accidentally knocking your tower over. One wrong move could ruin all of the progress you’ve made.

You move a box by tapping on it, then dragging it towards where you want it to go. Doing this too quickly will cause you to miss your mark and could mean you knock other boxes over in the process.

The first few puzzles are easy to solve. For the more difficult ones, you can use hints to help you on your way. The hints tell you where you should put the boxes, but you still have to do all of the heavy lifting yourself.

Personally, I enjoyed the process of solving the puzzle more than the process of actually putting the structures together. Although I found the overall experience quite fun, Xboxes isn’t better than other, similar games like Perfect Balance.

The graphics and sounds aren’t great, but aren’t bad either. This app is all about the gameplay. If you’re the type who enjoys stacking objects on top of each other in real life, you’ll probably enjoy Xboxes.

If you want something more modern, with stranger creatures and better graphics, this isn’t for you. This AppGuide will help you find something that suits you better.

Xboxes comes with only 30 levels, which don’t take long to get through. You can unlock 45 new levels by getting the pro version of the app for $0.99.

You can get Xboxes for both the iPhone and iPad free in the App Store.

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