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Audio Ninja
Audio Ninja

Tap Along With The Beat To Kill Enemies In Audio Ninja

August 20, 2013

Audio Ninja ($0.99) by BRAINZ SAS is a music-based arcade game where your ability to keep up with a beat will come in handy. We’ve already seen this concept in other games like Beat Sneak Bandit, but the rhythmic gameplay in Audio Ninja is different.

The game revolves around a ninja named Ninjipu, who is struggling as a warrior. Not only are his fighting skills not up to snuff, but other areas of his life are also suffering. All of a sudden, a man from the future arrives and gives Ninjipu a pair of headphones. The young ninja then discovers his ability to fight to the beat of music. Actually, you will be the one who is really listening for the beat. In the fashion of Guitar Hero, the object of this game is to use the appropriate weapon to kill each type of ninja as they run toward you. Each color of enemy, which are categorized as light or dark, must be killed by tapping the appropriate button when the time is right. Dark enemies produce the sound of a kick drum, while striking a light enemy will play the sound of a snare. Obviously, this is done to a beat. The fact that there are cool music and even better sound effects involved makes this fun and strangely satisfying. In this game you don’t want to mess up too many times, since Ninjipu only has three lives. If he loses all three, the game will end. As he runs through each level, Ninjipu will also have the opportunity to earn up to three stars at the end based on his performance. Although the gameplay seems easy at first, it quickly progresses to involve more complex beats and arrangements. As this happens, you will be introduced to some warning birds, which fly over Ninjipu to show you the arrangement of beats to come. There are also power ups to be collected and used throughout the game, such as ones that will reverse, speed up, or slow down time. More can also be bought using coins, which can be earned in the levels or through in-app purchases.

If you like music as much as I do, this game will get your head bobbing, feet moving, and, of course, thumbs tapping. You can find Audio Ninja for your iPhone or iPad in the App Store for $0.99.

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