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Grabbing Money
Grabbing Money

Test Your Reflexes With This High-Risk Grabbing Money Game

May 9, 2014

Grabbing Money (Free) by WEI JI CHANG is an action game; a quick-paced, violent manifestation of one of the seven deadly sins: greed. Imagine a dollar bill waving right in front of your face. Well, not right in front of your face. In between stands a guillotine, ready to sever your arm with its chopping blade. You need that money, but how do you time it perfectly so that you can have your dollar and keep your arm too? The challenge of the game is to control and coordinate the arm to grab the dollar bill quick enough to avoid injury from the blade.

The game’s object is to continue grabbing the money so that the dollar amount (the game’s point system) earned begins to accumulate. Then, as the levels progress, the amount of money at stake increases, and the chopping pattern of the guillotine varies. The biggest appeal of the game comes from the prospect of danger and need for speed (such as that seen in the game Intake: Be Aggressive).

Adding even more to the suspenseful nature of the game is the music. You know that one part of every movie, when a suspenseful all-male choir is singing hymns as the protagonist’s fate is determined? Well, that style of operatic music is constantly playing throughout the game to embody that sense of exhilaration. However, fair warning, if you do get caught by the blade, prepare for the girlish scream in the game to follow.

Unfortunately, the game lacks in several aspects. For example, the English is poorly written. The menu upon completing each level reads “Clickhere if ready,” all in one word. This probably isn’t a big deal to most potential gamers, but as an English freak, I can’t help but notice these things.

Advertisements seem to border every corner of the main menu. A more minimalist approach would have been preferable, because the screen is just too cluttered when trying to navigate the menus. The game itself doesn’t really have spectacular graphics. They appear slightly stretched and overly cartoon-like. Also, there is a substantial amount of lag.

A big aspect of the game, as I mentioned, is violence. Be prepared, if you lose, to see blood spurting out of a severed arm. Although the poor graphics make it look nothing more than red paint spraying out of a tube, it’s not advised for players under 17. For a fresh and new, but more kid-friendly reflex game that still allows a little bit of violence (but no gore), try Bonsai Slice.

Overall, the game has its thrills. It is entertaining, nerve-wracking, and is a rather novel premise. However, the game has many kinks to work out, mainly with its visuals. It’s definitely worth the download, though. Especially if you’re bored on a rainy day, and feel like playing a thrilling game (even if it does contain gore with a frequency comparable to a Quentin Tarantino film). This app is universal and free in the App Store.

Apparently if you arm is cut off, you die too.

The object of the game: try to grab the dollar before the blade hurts you.

The result of poorly timed money grabbing.

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