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Smack That Gugl II - Back for a revenge
Smack That Gugl II - Back for a revenge

The Gugls Are Back For Revenge In Smack That Gugl II

December 7, 2012

Smack That Gugl II - Back for a revenge ($0.99) by Tayasui is a Whac-A-Mole type game where your goal is to smack, slide, and slice as many Gugls as possible, while avoiding the sick or spiky ones.

I’m usually happy to skip tutorials when starting a new game, but in this case it was definitely worth going through, even though I’ve played the original Smack That Gugl. This version adds eight new characters, each of which needs to be dealt with differently.

There are stars, bombs, Quiclkys, Plagues, Spikeys, Bumps, Blinkys, Cyclops, Pipis, Plumps, Blockys, Wus, and the stars of the show, the Gugls.

The Plagues and Spikes need to be avoided, while all other creatures need to be cleared in different ways before they explode. Blockys, for example, are cleared when you slide three of them together. Bumps need to be tapped twice before they go away and Pipis are sliced.

You lose a life every time you accidentally smack a plagued or spiky Gugl, or if you ignore a Gugl for long enough for it to explode. As you can tell by the sheer number of different creatures, this is more complicated than your average Whac-A-Mole type game.

Accidentally smacking Plagues or Spikeys is the easiest way to lose lives. I find the Spikeys the hardest to clear, as their spikes eventually disappear, and when they do you need to smack them before they explode.

You can play in easy, normal, hard, or endless modes. The hard and endless modes are locked until you earn enough stars to unlock them, but the normal mode is challenging enough for most.

At the start of each level you’re told how many Gugls you need to clear and which types will be showing up. As you progress, things quickly become more challenging, so you need super quick reflexes to progress to the harder levels.

This isn’t the type of game you could casually play while watching TV or browsing the Web. You really need to concentrate or you won’t get very far. That doesn’t mean you can’t jump in for a quick 30 second session, it just means the Gugls will need your full attention while you’re playing.

The design, sounds, and the satisfaction of smacking Gugls is what made the first version of this game fun. This new version adds new characters and challenges, without taking away what made it special in the first place.

The 216 stages to get through, as well as the Endless Mode, mean you could have hours of fun with Smack That Glugl II. It’s one of my favorite new games and I highly recommend it.

You can get Smack That Gugl II for $0.99 in the App Store.