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The Icarus Box
The Icarus Box

Can You Figure Out The Mystery Behind The Icarus Box?

December 21, 2012

The Icarus Box ($3.99) by Brick Singularity, LLC is a steampunk-themed puzzle game with impressive graphics and an intriguing storyline that will suck players right into the adventure.

The app starts out by establishing a tongue-in-cheek creepy story, involving an application that was found at an estate sale, designed around a 100 year old puzzle box. Like a horror movie based on found footage, this app is based on the mysterious application unearthed at the sale.

Icarus’s “editors” write that they’ve left the original application untouched, adding only a series of letters written by the application’s creator that build the storyline, and a few lines of commentary.

Gameplay consists of solving a variety of puzzles, which are presented with no instructions. They are designed with metal and wood graphics for a realistic look, and your goal is to touch various elements on the screen in order to find out how the puzzle works and then solve it.

This is not an easy task, because these puzzles are fairly tough. It will take patience and experimentation to figure out each solution, though the game does go easy on you for the first few levels.

It is difficult to explain the puzzle solving process simply because there are no directions, but essentially, you are moving and arranging sections of the box to unlock new box tiers. You will slide, tap, and arrange different on screen elements to figure out the puzzles.

After you solve each puzzle, you will be rewarded with more of the storyline to read through before moving on to the next puzzle. As you work your way through the puzzles, there will often be flashes of creepy, scary images. The app warns that you might experience strange phenomena when playing the game, so expect to be startled every so often.

The Icarus Box is challenging (to the point of feeling impossible sometimes), but it’s also entirely unique and enthralling. I had a hard time putting it down because I couldn’t wait to see what would come next. If you like slightly scary games and enjoy solving puzzles, Icarus Box is a fantastic download.

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