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To bed
To bed

To Bed Will Make Sure You Don't Forget To Hit The Sack

August 8, 2013

To bed ($0.99) by Tord Asnes is an adorable app that notifies you when you should call it a night. If you’re addicted to your iDevices like I am, you probably know how difficult it is to put them away. All of those countless times where we fall asleep with our iPhones attached to us are getting out of hand, right? On top of this, nothing is worse than being even more tired in the morning from the sleep that is lost to reading Twitter and playing all of those games in bed. It is time for this to come to an end.

With To bed, not only will you be reminded to get some sleep before the sun rises, but the app will also calculate your optimal bedtime based on your age and the time at which you wish to wake up. Although you must input your wake up times into the app, it is important to note that To bed does not serve as an alarm clock. Its only purpose is to remind you when to go to sleep. Reminders can be delivered anywhere from five minutes to an hour before bedtime, and there is also a “vacation” mode within the app, which disables all notifications for as long as you wish.

However, one obvious oversight that I found in To bed is the lack of support for weekends. It appears that the app has been built around the assumption that we can all sleep in on weekends, but this is never the case. Whether it’s on occasion or all the time, one will surely need to rise early on a Saturday or Sunday at some point. The option to enable or disable weekend reminders would be very much appreciated.

My favorite aspect of To bed is the user interface. For some reason, the most enjoyable sleep related apps are the ones that use fun graphics and animations, making you feel like you’re a toddler again. The nature in which everything bounces and clacks around reminds me of apps like Wake Alarm, which is also my alarm clock of choice. Using both together almost makes going to sleep too much fun. Of course, since the actual reminders are delivered via notifications, you won’t spend much time in the app, but the interface is enjoyable nonetheless.

When you finally come to terms with your sleep issues, you’ll want to get To bed for your iPhone in the App Store for $0.99.

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