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Try To 'TryAngulate' The Right Pattern For These Triangles

January 4, 2013

TryAngulate! (Free) by MEDL MOBILE is a puzzle game, and the object is for the player to match the colors on all three sides. It sounds easy, but the shapes in this puzzle are all triangles. Each triangle has to be precisely placed in order to make sure that each side matches with the other triangles.

This is a game of tessellation. A tessellation is a mosaic that features geometric shapes that don’t overlap. In each puzzle, there is an outline that you fill with individual triangles.

The trick is that the triangles are already pre-positioned. You can’t tap a button to rotate them. That’s where the problem solving and planning comes into play.

There are two different levels that you can play, and each level has a subset of puzzles to play through. You have to complete a puzzle to unlock more puzzles. However, you unlock several puzzles at a time, in case you get stuck. There is a time limit to be aware of, but you don’t have to start over if you run out of time. You have to look at an advertisement instead.

If you get stuck, which is bound to happen at some point, there are three hints that you can use per level. However, there are 20 puzzles per level and only 40 hints. That would mean that you can’t use three hints for each and every level. You’ll run out. So, there are some levels that you’ll have to figure out on your own.

If you get bogged down enough on a level, even with the hints, there’s no need to worry. In order to pass the first level and move on to the second, you only need to solve 16 puzzles.

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