Apple could be planning on refreshing its entire line of iDevices at the company’s fall event, adding new, miniaturized dock connectors, according to iMore.

For a while now, we’ve been expecting Apple to launch the sixth-gen iPhone in September or October, and recent reports have indicated that this new model could launch with a 19-pin (or even an eight-pin) dock connector. It is speculated that the move, which will render a lot of iDevice accessories redundant for sixth-gen iPhone-adopters – unless a suitable adapter launches – will be made in order to free-up important space inside the smartphone.

Now, iMore – citing reliable sources – claims that this new dock connector will make its way into Apple’s entire line of iDevices this September, including the anticipated iPad mini and the standard 9.7-inch iPad model already available. Of course, if such a tablet as the iPad mini becomes available later this year, it would make sense for the Cupertino, Calif. company to grace it with the small-size dock many are expecting to launch with the sixth-gen iPhone. But equally, a refreshed third-gen iPad (or even a fourth-gen model) has been suggested by a couple of sources.

Typically, Apple used its September event to talk about the company’s line of iPods. This year is said to be no different, with a sixth-geneneration iPod touch – that is said to mirror the sixth-gen iPhone in screen-size, processor power and internal specs – expected to be announced soon. If Apple indeed launches a small-size dock with its new iPhone, it wouldn’t surprise us if the iPod touch (along with the company’s other iPod devices) also sports the same 19- or eight-pin dock connector.

All in all, the only aspect of iMore’s report we’d consider to be somewhat unexpected would be the refreshed 9.7-inch iPad. Enough rumors have pointed towards the launch of an iPad mini, iPod refreshes (at the very least, iPod touch refreshes) are generally a given, and we’re all practically certain that Apple will launch its sixth-gen in the near future.

If a new, small-size dock connector is indeed on the cards, it would of course make sense for Apple to add it to its 9.7-inch iPad as soon as possible. The only question – if such a dock launches – is whether the company will wait until March, and for the launch of the fourth-gen iPad, before doing this.


Source: iMore