Last month, Blogsy received its latest major update. Now, the popular iPad-optimized blogging app has received a new follow-up update.

Appropriately dubbed Cerberus, the major update brought three new, major features: offline adding of photos, Facebook integration, and improved featured image support.

The most recent update to Blogsy improves on the enhancements brought by Cerberus and the previous updates similarly named after mythical creatures.


As outlined in its release notes, the full contents of the new Blogsy update are as follows:

  • Wrap raw text with paragraph tags(p or div) when swipe to Rich Side
  • Added hidden HTML formatting
  • Remember last Tumblr Markdown setting
  • Remember last Comments setting
  • iPad won’t go to sleep when uploading
  • Showing Picasa username as title on uploading location
  • Add Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo to the default services on the dock
  • MovableType multiple users

Also introducing some bug fixes, the new version of Blogsy is available now as a free update or as a $4.99 download in the App Store.

Update after update, Blogsy is further cementing its reputation as arguably the best blogging for iPad out there.