Since iOS 6 launched, folks haven’t been getting along well with the Apple-powered Maps application. It’s also been rumored that Google is planning on launching its original application in the App Store, as a free third-party app. Now, an unofficial Google-powered application called ClassicMap, which was designed to replicate the look and feel of the original Maps app, has been booted out of the App Store.

As CNET reports:

The free application popped up on the App Store on Monday and made waves for offering users a way to get some of the same look and feel as the old version of Apple’s maps, which used data from Google.

The app included an options menu that looked very much like Apple’s own maps app, folding up to reveal extra options, including a toggle to switch between Apple’s maps data and Google’s. Notably missing were any sort of navigation features or Google’s Street View, two things other developers and Google have scrambled to replace either through apps or through the Web.

According to the application’s developer, the decision was Apple’s. He rather briefly noted in the Twitter update:

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Source: Pocketnow