What do you do when you encounter a game that has a name and icon that suspiciously resemble those of a hugely popular game? You exercise caution, of course, because it’s hugely possible that the game in question is just a scam.

That’s exactly the case with a recently released $0.99 iPhone game called Temple Rush: In Danger.

Temple Rush: In Danger is apparently the sequel to the older Temple Rush game. But it turns out that the two games are from different developers. Either way, like the “original” Temple Rush, Temple Rush: In Danger is just a bad game that seeks to bank on the success of Temple Run.

According to its App Store description, Temple Rush: In Danger is supposedly an endless running adventure featuring Dr. Jones from the popular “Indiana Jones” movies.

The description even mentions the movies’ distributor. Ostensibly, in the game, you get to “Play Dr. Jones from Paramount Picture (sic)” in “All new environments inspired by Paramount Game Base” — whatever that means.

Temple Rush: In Danger

Actually, “Game Base” does mean something. It happens to be the name of the Weebly-hosted website of Temple Rush: In Danger developer Thuy Nguyen Thi.

If you look at the products page on the site, you’ll see that it includes the details of two games.

One of these games is supposedly a dart-throwing game that’s inexplicably accompanied by an image of Disney‘s Wreck-It Ralph. The other game is supposedly a present-stacking game that’s accompanied by, lo and behold, the icon for Temple Rush: In Danger.

Here’s the thing … As pointed out to me by my colleague Jen, Temple Rush: In Danger is exactly that: a present-stacking game. Or, as Jen puts it, “a lame version of Super Monsters Ate My Condo!” It’s really nowhere near being the endless running adventure starring Indiana Jones that it purports to be.

So, don’t believe the hundred five-star reviews for the game. Notice that these reviews invariably contain effusive statements from customers who all happen to have names in “First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name” format.

Rather, believe the three one-star reviews, however few they are. They are from real customers who are calling the game out for what it is, i.e, a scam.

Do not waste your dollar on Temple Rush: In Danger. It’s just one of the many “dangerous” games and apps that have somehow passed muster with Apple’s apparently lax review system.