Apple’s futuristic “Campus 2” might be behind schedule and more than $2 billion over budget, but that doesn’t mean progress is not being made. In fact, Apple has recently updated its Campus 2 proposal to add bike paths, pedestrian walkways, and parking facilities to the complex, spaceship-like facility.

Interestingly, a mid-2016 move-in date is still estimated in this most recent revision to the Campus 2 proposal – a date that was increased from an original estimate of 2015. Campus 2 is set to be 2.8 million square feet in size, and will include a central power plant, a 1,000-seat corporate auditorium, a fitness center, and a 3,000-seat cafeteria.

The recent revisions, spotted by The Next Web, show additional pathways for bikes and pedestrians, along with an update concerning Campus 2′s staff parking:

Campus 2

Below, we’ve included a gallery of Campus 2 images. If additional news concerning the futuristic campus hits the Web, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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