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Financial Results For AT&T, Sprint Now Revealed

Both AT&T and Sprint have announced their financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2013. Following its record breaking holiday quarter, AT&T has continued to see impressive smartphone sales. In Q2 2013, the carrier sold a total of 6 million smartphones, of which 4.8 million were iPhone handsets. Furthermore, the network was able to attract 1.2 million new subscribers. [caption id="attachment_406071" align="aligncenter" width="411"] AT&T's smartphone sales continue to increase.[/caption] Sprint, the No. 3 iPhone carrier in the United States, announced that its iPhone sales exceeded 1.5 million, with the network selling 5 million smartphones in total. In addition to this, of the carrier's 1.5 million iPhone sales, a sizeable 43 percent were made to new customers. The news comes several months following Sprint's announcement that during the holiday quarter, the carrier saw 2.2 million iPhone activations. Last week, we heard that Verizon had activated 4 million iPhones during the second quarter of 2013, and that in total the carrier sold 7.2 million new smartphones. For news on Apple's recent financial results, be sure to check out our article.
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