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'Un-Carrier' T-Mobile Wants You To Trade In Your Old iPhone For A New iPhone 5

T-Mobile, the No. 4 carrier in the U.S., is set to launch the iPhone 5 on Friday, April 12. And just a few days ahead of the debut of Apple's flagship phone through the so-called "un-carrier," T-Mobile has announced a special iPhone trade-in offer. T-Mobile's regular "un-carrier" offer for the iPhone 5 requires a down payment of as little as $99.99, plus monthly payments of $20 over two years without a contract. But with T-Mobile's new iPhone trade-in plan, customers can bring their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and get the iPhone 5 at zero down plus monthly payments. What's more, customers can receive up to $120 credit, which can be used toward monthly payments, an existing T-Mobile bill, or the purchase of accessories or another device. "Our message to iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 customers is simple: bring in your device and trade up to iPhone 5 on T-Mobile," said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile. "We’re making it incredibly attractive to buy an iPhone 5 by pairing an un-beatable upfront price and trade-in offer with Simple Choice, the most hassle-free and affordable rate plan in wireless." T-Mobile's Simple Choice plan offers as low as $50 per month for 500MB of data and $70 per month for unlimited data. If you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S on, say, Verizon, are you planning on taking T-Mobile up on its trade-in offer for a new iPhone 5?
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