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T-Mobile Stores Prepping For Friday’s iPhone Launch

T-Mobile Stores Prepping For Friday’s iPhone Launch

April 8, 2013
T-Mobile is quickly preparing for its official launch of the iPhone on Friday. TMoNews has some interesting tidbits about how company stores are getting ready for the big day. Along with receiving demo iPhone units to place in stores, the uniforms staffers will wear on Friday have also been delivered. The pictured magenta T-shirts feature an Apple logo and state “iPhone. It’s here.” The site also has the scoop on how the purchasing process will work on Friday:
As for how T-Mobile will handle Friday morning, we’re being told it will be similar to any other high-traffic event they’ve experienced in the past. Customers will receive tickets for available inventory on a first-come-first-serve basis. There’s no word on how many iPhone units stores will receive, but the tickets will certainly match up to available inventory likely requiring the customer to stick around and purchase without leaving to come back.
The carrier will be featuring a new way to purchase the iPhone. Instead of buying a subsidized handset, consumers can snag a 16GB iPhone 5 for only an upfront payment of $99.99. But the catch is that the rest of the phone’s cost must be paid off in 24 monthly installments of $20. Plans run as low as $50 a month for 500MB of data. Apple Stores will also be selling T-Mobile iPhones starting on Friday.

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