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New Renderings Suggest That Apple's Budget iPhone Won't Be Cheap

Just days after blueprint images leaked purportedly showing Apple’s low cost iPhone comes some amazing 3-D renderings. Commissioned by AppleInsider, these images show an iPhone that may be less expensive than Apple’s flagship model, but not something most would define as “cheap.” As you can see, the phone’s speaker and microphone holes are on the bottom, and they are circular. This is much like today’s iPod touch design. The bottom of the device also includes a Lightning port, as well as a headphone jack. On the left side are volume controls, again like the iPod touch, that are pill shaped, rather than circular. The back corners of the device are also curved, which should remind many of Apple’s iPod classic. [caption id="attachment_432859" align="aligncenter" width="660"]The Budget iPhone? The Budget iPhone?[/caption] Earlier this week, word leaked that manufacturers are already making cases for the long-rumored "iPhone mini." This, of course, comes despite the fact that Apple has yet to announce the device. The more that I see of the budget iPhone, the more that I like it. So much so, that I'm curious to see how Apple markets it against the seventh-generation iPhone. Both iPhone models are expected to arrive this fall. Both are expected to include 4-inch displays and run iOS 7. See also: Leaked Photos Purportedly Show Interior And Rear Shell Of iPhone 5SThe Next iOS 7 Beta Could Arrive On Monday, and Is This A Case For Apple's Budget iPhone?
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