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The Next iOS 7 Beta Could Arrive On Monday

The Next iOS 7 Beta Could Arrive On Monday

June 19, 2013
If you’re wondering when the next beta version of iOS 7 will be released, go ahead and circle next Monday, June 24. Cult of Mac has whipped out its calculator to give some rough estimates of when to expect each beta of the next-generation operating system. Thanks to information from Will Hains, here is what the site came up with:
Using this data, we calculated the average time it took for an iOS x.0 beta release to move on to the next beta. Here’s what we found: • Beta 1 – lasts 14.75 days • Beta 2 – lasts 15.4 days • Beta 3 – lasts 15 days • Beta 4 – lasts 18.6 days • Beta 5 – lasts 17.8 days • Beta 6 – lasts 11 days So if Apple keeps to this schedule with iOS 7, here are the iOS 7 release dates we’re looking at: • Beta 2 – Monday, June 24th • Beta 3 – Wednesday, July 10th • Beta 4 – Thursday, July 25th • Beta 5 – Monday, August 12th • Beta 6 – Friday, August 30th • Gold Master – Tuesday, September 10th • iOS 7 Final – Friday, September 20th
While those are obviously not exact, it's definitely some educated guessing. Most interestingly, using this schedule, the site predicts that the iPhone 5S could be announced on September 10 and go on sale 10 days later. If Apple does indeed release the second beta of iOS 7 on Monday, hopefully the version of the OS for the iPad will also be introduced.

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