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Remarkable Twitter Heat Map Puts Smartphone Market Share Into Perspective

This impressive interactive map, entitled Twitter + GNIP, uses the popular micro-blogging service to plot the location of worldwide iPhone users against that of Android, BlackBerry, and other smartphone owners. As you might expect, the map plots relatively predictable locations for iPhone owners. Density is concentrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe, along with numerous towns and cities in countless other countries. While offering a rather reliable global affluence map, the interactive website also effectively highlights markets Apple currently needs to target. Spain, for example, is an Android stronghold, as is southern Indonesia. Several South American countries also appear to feature a larger number of Android users. One point worth noting is that, most generally, iPhone density in the above map seems to correspond to local wealth, and appears in countries, towns, and cities of comparable affluence. As such, the map places renewed importance on Apple's need to launch a low-cost iPhone handset in a bid to capture market share in developing nations. Though Apple has introduced iPhone schemes in countries such as India, the availability of a less-expensive iPhone handset would really make a difference when it comes to Apple's overall global share of the smartphone market. Here's the aforementioned interactive map, be sure to take a look. For more news, see: Verizon CFO: Big Red Could Be Canada-Bound In Potential ExpansionThere's More Bad News On The Retina Display-Equipped iPad mini Front, and Apple Authorized Service Providers Soon To Offer iPhone Repair Program?.
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