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Apple Authorized Service Providers Soon To Offer iPhone Repair Program?

Apple Authorized Service Providers Soon To Offer iPhone Repair Program?

June 20, 2013
Though Apple Retail Stores are already offering in-house iPhone repairs from $149, a recent report by MacRumors argues that a similar program could soon be offered by Apple Authorized Service Providers. What's more, the website adds that the expanded iPhone repair program is already on trial in select authorized providers in the United States and Canada. MacRumors explains:
According to a tipster, the third party service sites will be able to offer repairs for the battery, camera, speaker, and more, after the program launches in the next few weeks. In addition to passing an iOS Qualification exam, Service Provider technicians have also been required to attend several training sessions to learn how to disassemble the iPhone.
Precisely what Apple Authorized Service Providers will be able to repair and replace is outlined in the below chart: According to documents given to Apple Authorized Service Provider technicians, the goals of the forthcoming repair program are:
  1. Provide APR with authorization to provide iPhone repair service to walk in customers as alternate channel
  2. Provide same service level for iPhone as our Apple Retail Stores
  3. Reduce proliferation of unauthorized repair centres and third party parts
MacRumors' tipster claims that so far, the above program is being tested in some 20 Apple Authorized Service Providers in the United States and Canada, and should launch in both countries in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, see: Path Showcases Snoopy And Gives San Francisco Some Love With Latest UpdateSpindle Discovery Service Joins Twitter's Flock, and Vine Further Teases Upcoming New Features Ahead Of Instagram Video Launch.