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Apple Revives Official iTunes Twitter Account Following Launch Of iTunes Radio

Following today's launch of iTunes Radio alongside iOS 7 and iTunes 11.1, Apple has revived the official Twitter account of iTunes primarily to promote its new music streaming service. As noted by 9to5Mac, the previously dormant @iTunes account, which was created in August 2009, acted merely as a placeholder. Until today, it had but one tweet, which dated back to June 2010 and encouraged users to "stay on top of all that iTunes has to offer" by following @iTunesMusic, @iTunesMovies, @iTunesTV, @iTunesPodcasts, and @iTunesTrailers. Now, though, the account has begun posting new tweets in celebration of the launch of iTunes Radio. As of this writing, @iTunes has tweeted four times about the new service. In addition, it has retweeted Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, since both pop stars have sung, so to speak, the praises of iTunes Radio. Announced at Apple's WWDC last June, iTunes Radio was officially launched today with the release of iOS 7 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and of iTunes 11.1 for Mac and PC. For more information on iTunes Radio, check out Apple Is Hiring Music Programmers To Help Power iTunes Radio, Apple Showcases iTunes Radio, and Apple Will Launch iTunes Radio With Ads From High-Profile Companies.
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