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Adoption Of Apple's iPad Air Is Already 5 Times That Of The iPad 4

It looks like the iPad Air, the fifth-generation 9.7-inch tablet that boasts a major redesign (along with a number of further improvements), is set to be Apple's most popular tablet yet. The news comes from Fiksu, Inc., which has produced a chart comparing iPad usage during a number of tablets' first days of release, and more specifically compares the iPad Air against the iPad 4 and the iPad mini. The iPad mini with Retina display is indeed set to join the chart, too, once the anticipated 7.9-inch tablet launches "later in November." As you can see, the adoption rate of Apple's iPad Air is around five times that of the iPad 4, and four times that of the first-generation iPad mini. Furthermore, the iPad Air's already impressive adoption rate is continuing to climb. Take a look: [caption id="attachment_482559" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Source: Fiksu.[/caption] Borrowing from the form factor of the first-generation iPad mini, Apple's iPad Air is lighter and thinner than its predecessors, but also packs a powerful punch thanks to the addition of a 64-bit Apple A7 processor and a 9.7-inch Retina display. Given that the adoption rate of the iPad Air has rocketed, it looks like consumers are indeed impressed with the tablet. Also interesting is Fiksu's data on total iPad usage, which indicates that as of this writing, the iPad 2 is by far Apple's most popular tablet. It holds almost a 40 percent share of the iPad market, while the iPad 4 has more than 22 percent, the iPad mini holds 20 percent, and the iPad 3 holds 18 percent. Of course, Apple is continuing to sell its iPad 2 to consumers for $399 - an amount that surprisingly matches the price of its forthcoming iPad mini with Retina display. [caption id="attachment_482563" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Total iPad usage.[/caption] Though the general user would be better purchasing either the iPad Air or second-generation iPad mini, it seems that educational institutions, in particular, are going ahead and stocking up on the iPad 2. Not only does this iDevice offer a larger, more usable (and more affordable) 9.7-inch display, but it also includes Apple's 30-pin connector, meaning schools and colleges don't have to upgrade to Lightning-compatible accessories. Finally, Fiksu notes that iOS 7 is by far the most used iteration of Apple's mobile OS, having eaten into the share held by iOS 6. Of course, as more iDevices with iOS 7 preinstalled are sold around the world, this figure is expected to increase further. [caption id="attachment_482564" align="aligncenter" width="642"] iOS 7 usage.[/caption] See also: Shelf Control: McDonald's Introduces Interactive Happy Meal Books To McPlay AppTing Now Supports iPhone 4, iPhone 4s In Beta: iPhone 5 Support Incoming, and Tim Cook Urges Congress To Approve Employment Nondiscrimination Act. Via: Cult of Mac