One company is less than thrilled about the launch of Facebook’s new Paper app. That would be FiftyThree Inc., the developer behind the popular Paper drawing app.

Georg Petschnigg, co-founder and CEO of FiftyThree, said in a blog post that the developer learned about the new app along with the general public late last week:

Was this the same Paper? Nope. Had FiftyThree been acquired? Definitely not. Then, what’s going on?

We reached out to Facebook about the confusion their app was creating, and they apologized for not contacting us sooner. But an earnest apology should come with a remedy.

While the company noted its ties with the social networking giant, including a Facebook board member who has invested in FiftyThree, the developer is asking for a quick resolution:

There’s a simple fix here. We think Facebook can apply the same degree of thought they put into the app into building a brand name of their own. An app about stories shouldn’t start with someone else’s story. Facebook should stop using our brand name.

As far as Facebook is concerned, the company declined to comment about the issue when asked by Re/code. And after the app launch, I highly doubt Facebook would voluntarily do any type of name change. But does FiftyThree have a point?

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