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Allan Curtis

Allan is a lv27 writer with skills in Use Electronic Device, Speech, Languages and Data Transmission. He wields a blessed +3 Pen of Judgment and a +10 Flame Shield of Troll Deflection. Contract him at [email protected]
Latest from Allan

Review: Golden Axe 2 - Another SEGA Classic Comes to iOS

An old school favorite hack-n-slash game, Golden Axe 2, is another Genesis iOS port. Is it worth playing, or does it get the chop?

Review: Streets of Rage 2 – Classic Fighting Action!

Streets of Rage 2 is the latest in the long line of classic genesis games ported to iDevices, but is this one worth the slightly larger price tag?

Review: Undead Ocean–Polished Plaforming Action!

Ninjas. They're the definition of cool to most people. Surely a platformer featuring these fabled shadow warriors must be cool too? Click though for our verdict!

Review: Land-a-Panda: Fun With Physics!

Land-A-Panda is a physics-based game in which you blast pandas out of cannons to bring the two panda lovers together. Is it as good as it sounds? Click though to find out!

Review: Doodle Control HD – Better Than Flight Control?

Doodle Control merges a hand-drawn graphical style with the familiar, path-based gameplay of Flight Control. Does it make a sweet three point landing or does it crash and burn? Read on to find out!

Review: Float Fails to Impress

Float has plenty of balloon bumping action, but unless you're in kindergarten, it's not likely to rock your world. Read on for the full review.

Review: Droplets HD - Don't Be Such A Drip!

Droplets HD sees you flinging dewdrops into each other to make then disappear. Is it a flinging good time, or just a big drip?

Review: Cover Orange HD - Rolling Onto The iPad

Cover Orange sees you defending helpless oranges from a deadly raincloud using physics and various objects. Does it deliver a fresh experience or is it just rotten fruit?

Karoshi - Killing Yourself For Fun And Profit

While most games entourage you to stay alive by any means necessary, few encourage you to instead make the ultimate sacrifice. Karoshi is...different as you'll see in our review. Click though for the verdict!

Review: Lifelike Cards HD - Just In Time For Valentine's Day!

Lifelike Cards HD gives you an easy way to rush out those last minute forgotten birthday and Christmas cards and also works great for Valentines Day! Click though for our verdict on it!

Review: Last Fish - Toxic Offender

Last Fish shows the struggles of a little fish trapped in highly toxic water and his story to survive. Does it thrive or is it fish food?

Review: Virtua Fighter 2 - Virtual Butt Kicking

VF2 is another classic game from the annals of Sega's history. Does this port deliver a KO punch, or is it stomped into the dust?

Review: Lifelike Craig For iPad Makes The Web Obsolete

Craigslist is a great site for anyone to use but can it be made better? Click though for the answer!

Review: Secret of Mana - The Slice Heard Around The World

Secret of Mana is one of the most famous 16bit RPGs of all time. Does this iOS port of one of the most respected RPGs of all time live up to it's forebear, or is it a tawdry cash in? Click though for our verdict!

Review: Minotaur Rescue - Won't Somebody Think Of The Monsters?

Feeling nostalgic? Turn the clock back in the most colorful way possible with Minotaur Rescue! Is it a rose tinted acid trip or a primitive cash in?

Review: Garage Inc. - Throwing A Spanner In The Works

Are you sick of cooking food and growing plants? Get ready for a grimmer side of time management with Garage inc! Is it tuned to perfection or does it have a screw loose?

Review: Sonic Spinball - You Spin Me Right Round

Sonic Spinball is another in the long line of classic Genesis ports making their way to the iphone . Is it a flipping good time or does it have no balls?

Review: I Love Strawberries - Freshly Ripened Fun!

Would you risk your life for fruit? Box Boy would and its your job to help him. Does ILS warrant being picked, or should it be left on the plant to ripen?

Review: Smasheroid - Get Your Rocks Off

Not enough games let you play as rocks! Our igneous friends are often relegated as ammo for weapons, or as obstacles in games. Smasheroid alleviates this imbalance, by giving rocks the right to do what they do best : Smash stuff!!

Review: Dungeon Defenders - Chop 'Em Or Blast 'Em?

Dungeon Defenders gives you the best of both words between TD and RPG. You get to build deadly traps and whoop some monster butt personally! Does it deliver a bastion of gameplay, or is it quickly breached?

Review: Queens Crown - Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Queen's Cross is a RPG that turns cliché on its head, featuring a princess out for vengeance. Is it a royal good time or is regicide the only option?

Review: Girl vs Zombies - Dead And Loving It!

Zombie games have made quite a home for themselves on iOS devices. But does Girl vs Zombies wield the chainsaw, or is it simply decapitated?

Review: Tiki Totems 2 - Beware The Wrath Of The Gods!

Tiki Totems 2 sees you solving physics puzzles to save a village form fiery doom. Does it deliver a tribal experience, or is it just barbaric?

Review: Aralon: Sword And Shadow HD - So Big You're In Its Shadow!

Aralon offers easily the biggest world in a idevice game yet. Its a massive sandbox in which to play. But does Aralon let you build awesome sandcastles or is it quicksand?